growing where we were planted: why we choose Eau Claire.

You don't have to go much further than any social media channel as of late to see the buzz that has accrued about our sweet, little, humble hometown. Recently referred to as a "mini-Portland" of sorts, our quaint yet ever-growing Chippewa Valley is receiving accoloades-- ones we have been feeling for quite some time.

                                                                                                    Image found via

Many have been surprised, deeming some of the nods as eye-roll worthy or incomprehensible. When you have spent enough time in any given place, you garner a sense of ownership over that space; a badge of honor for being an original. We too have felt that way, being born and bred Eau Claireians ourselves, but having moved and stepped out of the town for a better part of our 20's, coming back to the progression has been eye opening. 

We've both lived in large cities with access to endless resources and talent bursting at every seam. We've watched careers flourish in our respective creative fields and others hustle to no avail in a cut-throat industry and time.  And if we're being completely honest, neither of us thought after our Old Abe days, our ties to Eau Claire would extend beyond the place we came home for holidays to visit family and meet friends shoulder-to-shoulder at the Joynt. That is until we stepped foot back on this soil and witnessed the palpable energy taking place.  We could hear ourselves think, we could see the community as a buoy for our ideas and collaboration taking place. And like the rest of the patrons, we continually saw the most talented humans–of all mediums– continuing to dig the roots deeper, regardless of the trajectory in which they were growing.

Like the name linyage suggests, our brand is often about creating some new from something old, whether that be the actual material, or sewing on the vintage Elna that was handed down to Lindsay as a little girl from her grandfather. When we sat down to make our vision boards about the company four years ago, we were in the throws of the somewhat imminent guilt that comes with saying "I'm coming back home", as it were some kind of regression.  Overtime as our love letter to EC has grown, it has become more and more apparent as to why there's simply no other place for linyage to be based out of, even when many of our clients hail from other parts of the world. This community is insular, the ground feels a bit easier to stand as entrepreneurs, and there is something comforting in the juxtaposition occurring between this city's steady growth and yet simplistic nature. 

Everyone has a hard time with change in some capacity, even though we fight for it, go to therapy for it, and know innately it's what is necessary. But for some reason, Eau Claire, WI feels like one of the few places on earth that allows you to have a grip on necessary revisions while taking pride in keeping the core steady. We're not sure we would ever be able to do what we do, or at the magnitude in which we see it evolving, anywhere else in the world. Not because we haven't had the opportunities, but because we have been given enough first-hand examples from others of just how and what is possible.  Are there still issues to be dealt with? Of course. Is there still growth to be had? Always. But thank goodness for not remaining stagnant, right?

                                                                       On the steps of our first studio,  over 2.5 years ago.


Reap what you have sewn, grow where you were planted : finding comfort in these notions with no guilt attached.


linyage Valentine's Boudoir Session

Is there a better gift than the gift of photos? Especially for your loved one.



We are so excited to be offering this one-time opportunity of a linyage Boudoir Session, just in time for Valentine's Day. Here's the scoop of all that it will include: 

Saturday, February 4th | 9am-5pm



  • 90-minutes
  • Hair and Makeup by Flannery Murphy
  • Tasteful, dreamy boudoir shoot that showcases your unique beauty-- the kind that radiates from the inside out.
  • Your choice to wear a one-of-a-kind linyage piece; top or bodysuit.
  • Gorgeous location with idyllic natural light and a variety of settings.
  • All of the edited, high-res images for you to keep and print in time for Valentine's day.
  • Space is limited!

We promise to pop some bubbly and turn up the tunes -- anything to make this time comfortable and all about y-o-u.  Hope to see you there!


eaux claires : we're coming back for ya!

It is with giddy excitement and humble hearts that we announce we are proud to be back as one of the handful of vendors at this year's Eaux Claires festival.


Last year, as seen in the recap here, was one of the best memories of our lives. Not only did we feel so thankful to be there as vendors, but moreover we felt moved to have witnessed the event as a whole. Truly a remarkable work of art and celebration of music, Eaux Claires festival is impeccably curated, no detail missed or placed without intention.


We've got more announcements regarding that to come on our social media platforms, but in the mean time just know this : we are creating our one of a kind signature lace toppers, EXCLUSIVELY for the festival. That means no top will look the same, nor can it be replicated. Last year we sold out of our stock and certainly don't want you to miss out this time around. 

That is all from us for now-- back to sewing and creating for the big weekend one month from now! We cannot wait to see you there.

*A huge thank you again to the staff of Eaux Claires Festival for your consideration in having linyage as a part of year two. We are so grateful.*


Styled for Good : Recap

In May, we had the incredible opportunity to take part in the second annual event, Styled for Good. An event held at the breathtaking Aria in Minneapolis, founded by two incredible women, Kelly Bollis of Maven Events and Jennae Saltzman of Blush & Whim.

In short, Styled For Good is a nonprofit organization connecting people in need with local event vendors, with proceeds go towards event services for those most in need. It truly is a remarkable set up, with several vignettes of different vendors creating together. 

We felt so honored to be considered amongst the other reputable vendors at this year's event and were so impressed by the collaborative, supportive spirit that seeped into every corner.

For some visual eye candy of the event which was Palm Springs themed, along with the display we were lucky enough to be a part of including two live models in our pieces, take a peek below. Gorgeous photos all c/o Amanda Marie Studio.

A HUGE and heartfelt thank you again to both Kelly and Jennae for putting this together, Amanda Marie Studio for these photos, as well as all of the other amazing individuals that make it all possible.  We'd love to extend a special thank you to our team, which we completely hit the jackpot being a part of so much talent and humor.

STYLIST: Simply Elegant Group

HAIR + MAKE-UP: WarPaint International
BRIDAL JEWELRY: Goldfine Jewelry
FLORAL: Studio Emme
PAPER: Epitome Paper
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jaimee Morse Photography
RENTALS: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals


the woman who needs no introduction.

Now this is one for the books-- working with not only one but two of our greatest mentors and innovative icons. I think this is what they call a 'dream come true'.


Elizabeth Messina, the amazing woman with the aforementioned headline, is a notable photographer extraordinaire and likely already on your radar to covet/admire/Pin.  Adrienne Page, who you have already heard of our affinity for, was as enchanting a bride as an artist and soul. 

Over a year ago  at linyage, we had the honor and the privilege of creating a one of a kind boudoir piece for the bride, for a charmingly curated pre wedding bridal shoot at the quaintest Midwest B&B with Elizabeth.  (And yes, shot in her signature, jaw-dropping fine art of film).  As one would note, bridal is our core and boudoir is a venture we have only just begun on in the last year or so. However, mentors do as mentors should and push boundaries and limits--who are we to not rise to the occasion?  These women have taught us to always reach higher, beyond what we know our potential to be.


 The collaboration was one we will always remember-- early in our growth of the company, giving us inspiration, motivation and courage to be vulnerable outside of our comfort zone.  We came to the realization that our aesthetic transitions flawlessly into this new niche and needless to say boudoir is now on the list, as well as transitional bodysuits that you can take down the aisle with one of our 3 signature skirt styles (more to come on that). 

In the mean time, feel free to meet us in dreamland-- the very place that the unmatched Elizabeth Messina will take you with her eye.

linyageXland : the texas recap

It is hard to know even where to begin when thinking about this journey.  What started as a dream many, many months ago quickly led to the vintage purchase of our dreams and before we knew it we were knee deep in the South, desperately trying to have our drawl sound authentic. (Spoiler alert: Still trying to say ya'll. Still sounding undeniably Midwestern.)

After more preparation, emails, and organizing than we could've ever imagined, we were on the open road cleaning off the smudges on our rose-colored glasses. (Any proverbial smudge being something along the lines of unforseen weather conditions, a la the tornado we out drove in Arkansas.)

Our little whip hung in there, and even caught the eye of several whom we passed on the road, as we received various messages and emails from individuals who passed us and began to follow the hashtag that adorned the back! (Thanks to your creation, Athena Pelton!)

Our first stop was in Little Rock, where at long last, we were able to finally meet and hug the talented Whitney Bower, whom we had been talking and collaborating with from afar for over a year.  Whitney's spirit is not only as infectious as her beautiful imagery, but we fell even more in love with her humor and grounded self in person.  Having made such a name for herself and established a very reputable business in her neck of the woods (and beyond) we felt so grateful to collaborate with she and a handful of other wickedly talented women on an editorial shoot.


After our brief but worthwhile time in Arkansas, we were itching to finally cross the Texas border and both see it in the flesh for the first time.  Austin, you did not disappoint.  

In fact, from the moment we entered the heart of the city, we were floored by how clean and beautiful everything appeared.  You also must remember that we were there during SXSW festival, a time in which the city grows exponentially in traffic, so perhaps there was a palpable charm that filtered the air.  We also had the privilege of being a part of a week long trunk show in conduction with the festival, held at Unbridaled Wedding Boutique.  The staff could not have been more welcoming and it was so valuable receiving feedback and seeing our pieces on the incomparable Southern Belle. Having spent a bit of time and getting to know locals, we're confident that Austin is always as fascinating as it first impressed us to be.

Once our duties were up in the city, were then off to Round Top, Texas : aka the shiniest hidden gem in the great North America. This is not a written fact, but we stand behind it being  one.


 It has long since been our dream to visit The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. A creative idol and all around visionary influence in both of our lives, we knew that it was at the top of our priority list.  We somehow were fortunate to connect with the (amazing) staff ahead of time and organize the styled shoot that has been marinating in our minds for quite some time.  We were able to rally a dream team of other vendors to collaborate on this shoot, including : Michelle Boyd Photography, Fail Jewelry, Mindy Orsak Hair and Makeup, and Bloom and Bud Florals.

The aesthetic of the Prairie not only lent itself perfectly to our new product as well as Fail Jewerly's designs that we shooting, but the women we had on board all brought something so unique and brilliant to make it one complete package.  We will be sharing more on this shoot in the near future, but in the mean time, here is a sneak peek.


And then there was Marfa. Sweet, quaint, whacky, middle-of-nowhere-beauty Marfa.

As much of our jam as the ma-and-pa-shop town of Round Top and vintage plantation landscape was, Marfa was on the completely opposite end of the scale; aesthetically and then some.  We adore lush, rolling green hills but also give us the vast promise of a desert and you have our brazen hearts.

Exhibit A:

Our first stop in this town was to the renowned El Cosmico, which is as colorful and eclectic as you'd hope.  One of the interesting things about Marfa is that many of the businesses, namely food, are only open for a few days a week.  So while we got to get a taste of what it has to offer, we weren't able to full devour as much as we had hoped. (Literally and figuratively) Which is probably a blessing, because we may now have taken up residency there otherwise.

Rest assure, we will be back and for longer than the town likely wants us.


Shortly thereafter, we were quick to hit the brief 20 mile trek to Prada Marfa-- an art installation that was created back in in 2005, receiving plenty of hype from every social media pocket. We went early in the day thinking we would be able to have the desert to ourselves to shoot, but we were (pleasantly) mistaken.  While we were able to continue our shoot anyway, we were not without a dull moment in between, as there were not less than 5 cars pulled over on the highway to visit it at a time.  A tourist attraction beyond what you can imagine, especially considering it is a non-functioning store in an area without cell phone reception, we quickly began to realize that THIS was the place to be. There is something unmistakably magical about it. So, as two breezy spirits do, we simply parked our Scotty right then and there and began chatting with anyone who came by. We met a woman from New York City, a videographer from China, and many Austin-ites who were escaping the mayhem of the city that SXSW brought.

We could really go on all day. But what we can tell you is that we have never drank so much delicious juice (thank you, Juice So Good!) laughed , drove, and hustled more in such a concentrated amount of time. We covered over 4,200 miles in 7 days and while we dealt with a wonky tail light, we managed to never run out of gas or get a flat tire. (We'd like to thank our ever-present fathers for teaching us to overanalyze every sound and check every nook and cranny whenever possible.) We outran a tornado (so significant we had to mention it twice), nearly went off the road in a white out blizzard an hour away from being home after driving 24 hours straight, and may or may not have duct taped part of our camper somewhere in Oklahoma.  

Suffice to say, it was a successful journey all in all and really just the beginning.  Never has anything made more sense than loading up a vintage trailer and sharing what you love with the world.

So off we will continue to go.

2015 : the year that made us cheer and also reach for a beer.

Wowza, was this ever a year to remember. But isn't that what we all say every year about the latest trip around the sun? Surely there have been other years that have been just as big or remarkable, but perhaps what makes this one so noteworthy was the very girth of the leaps we seemed to have taken. 

This year we officially launched this very website, and yet it began like any other -- working away, setting goals, and manifesting bigger and loftier ones, too.  And then, like the universe does in it's stealthy ways, we were presented with an opportunity to move into a studio.  However, this wasn't just any studio, but the very building we had nodded to some time before that. One of the oldest standing ones in the entire town, and the very perfect fit to house a business that's core is based off of the juxtaposition of roots and growth.  Within 72 hours, we were signing our name on a lease with one of our dearest friends who would share the suite with us.

With one eye open and a flock of unwavering supporters, we leapt from a springboard of equal parts naevity and optimism, knowing that this was a sign. In order to keep growing as a company our square footage need follow suit. It was time, and if history was any indication, the scariest decisions often times turn out to be the best. 

Things began clicking along and we never once looked back.  We began offering workshops to the community which proved to be well received and a way for like minded individuals to meet who may not have a platform to otherwise.  At each workshop, we teach a new skill and as we grow will continue to collaborate with others to help us teach these, as well.

As spring made it's appearance, so too did our business in a few local publications.  We were lucky enough to have Volume One share an article about us, not only announcing who were were but also giving press to our launch party, held directly below our studio at The Stone's Throw.  Over 100 of our family and friends gathered as local female performers entertained the crowed while donning linyage creations, and an incredible time was had by all.

While this time period feels like an absolute blur of events, we cannot forget the incredible times we had doing styled shoots with our wickedly talented friends. It was these very moments that helped recharge our batteries and our overall vision as a brand.

And speaking of talented friends, we also created quite possibly one of our favorite memories to date when we collaborated with our gal Ashley of a.b. ellie on an editorial shoot.  An accessories line for brides, we knew that our aesthetics not only lined up but were a match made in photo heaven.

Amidst the chaos of summer, albeit fun, we were told that we were chosen as one of the 6 vendors to be displayed at the inaugural Eaux Claires Festival.  Having been our dream since the moment we heard buzz about the event, you can imagine our feelings of joy, shock, and sheer gratitude for the opportunity.  In every way, shape and form, the festival did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of the highlights of both our business and our lives alike. If you ask anyone who attended, we're sure that they will say the same.  

This was our first introduction as linyage outside of bridal confines and it was this very weekend that gave us the courage to continue stretching our brand further. We met individuals from all of the world and the feedback in turn also stretched our spirits.

As all of this was happening, we continued to work away on the custom creations for our brides; the ones who are the core of what linyage is and stands for when the day is done.  Included in every package is a photo shoot at the final fitting in which the bride gets to chose where and with whom she would like her photos. It is an opportunity to wear the dress one more time, as well as perhaps get shots that may not be possible on the special day.  We had such beautiful, brave, and creative brides this year and in such a vast array of styles and personalities. These shoots are just as special to us as the creative process itself because it allows their true essence to shine.

A huge thank you to Flannery Murphy, one of our very best who also happens to be a talented make-up artist.  She kindly partnered with us on numerous bridal and styled shoots to help every individual feel their best. 

After the energy of the Eaux Claires festival continued to radiate, we began steadily receiving more requests for our signature lace toppers-- either to be sold online or brought to a new state.  We had been dreaming up a mobile shop for a while but new that it was all in timing if it was meant to be.  Just like the studio seemed to have been presented to us at just the right moment, so too was 'Scotty'-- our vintage trailer we discovered via Craigslist and the one we both instantly coveted. With only cosmetic finishes needed to match our aesthetic, the whip was in mint condition and calling our names. In September, we took this bad boy home with us and promptly began our #linyageXland renovate, which is continually a work in progress.

The theme of 2015 seemed to be "go big or go home", as there weren't many pockets to catch our breath.  Just two weeks after our purchase, we got word that we were able to move our studio space; something we had been pondering for a bit as we were quickly outgrowing our quaint spot. While only one door over, it was importantly to us to remain in the building we have grown to adore so much.  Our new HQ boasts twice as many windows and therefore natural light (including the turret the building is known for) as well as two separate rooms and. . . wait for it. . .a closet!  Likely a larger victory for the other building patrons, as to not trip over scraps of lace in the hallway anymore.  It was another huge leap of faith but again, an opportunity we weren't necessarily seeking out but instead one that found us. (Got it, universe. Loud and clear.)

During this same week of moving shelves and carrying piles of fabric, we were getting ready for our creative director Sarah's wedding, in which linyage was responsible for 9 dresses.  Bias of course, but it was truly a weekend that forever changed us in all of the obvious and not-so-predictable ways. 

As fall often encourages us to do, we were slowly but surely able to begin pausing a bit,  refining and focusing on our brand at large again, as well as focusing on some irons we've had in the fire for a while.  

Our blog introduced a new series, 'linyage lady', in which we interview creative women who inspire us form all mediums.  

We've begun mapping out and creating our #linyageXland tour, starting with Austin, TX this spring in conjunction with the SXSW festival.

And most recently, we launched our online shop!  Currently releasing only a handful of our favorites, we will be making these one-of-a-kind pieces available for purchase.  However, because of the nature of their uniqueness, they will never be replicated and only one is available for every kind.  We cannot wait to see where this grows.

If you've made it to this point, both in the long-winded blog post and in our journey as a whole, we applaud you.  While this year was chock full of extreme moments, it did not come without it's fair share of struggles and face-plant life lessons.  We feel forever grateful for choosing one another to do this whole thing with, because we keep respect at the core of our friendship and business's foundation.  We feel forever indebted to the people we have met along the way, who have connected us and/or encouraged us when we had nothing left to muster. 

All in all, we're just feelin' all the feels possible after what feels like the year that stretched us the furthest in every single way. The one that in fact made us cheer and ALSO reach for a beer. Our excitement and enthusiasm for 2016 is beyond measure, and we cannot wait to see some projects we've been fostering come to fruition. As always, we're just thankful for the ability to take those leaps knowing the community behind us that helps soften every landing. 

We'll vow to stretch the hammies before we make 2016 catch us this time. Promise.






linyage shop : now live !

We've been burnin' the midnight oil over here to bring you what you've been asking for : linyage online shop!

After the Eaux Claires Festival and our recent Pop-Up Shop, and of course our linyageXland tour on the horizon, we thought now was as good a time as any.  Not to mention : holidays, anyone?

If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out lately, head on over soon!  Every single piece is hand made, out of vintage lace, and completely one-of-a-kind.  Whether you're the one donning the piece or gifting it to a loved one, you can do so confidently that there is no other one like it.  A piece as unique as you.

we bring you Scotty : linyageXland

This is where it started. Or so it likely seems. Let us back up a bit.

We both have long adored and coveted anything resembling or having to do with vintage trailers.  It's been a pipedream of ours to someday own one, either for personal use or for the business, if it made sense. And then Eaux Claires Festival happened, and the planted seed began to flourish.

Countless festival goers kept approaching us saying that they would 'love if we came to their state', and how they knew of a shop or gallery who would kill for a 'pop up shop' with our ready to wear pieces.  It got our wheels spinning, the spark was lit after having one foot in the water with this idea long before.  The affirmation from those we met was enough for us to bring the other foot forward, and we began to make some serious moves. After months of scouring, we at last came across Scotty on trusty 'ol Craigslist, named this for the type of trailer it is, made in 1980.  It was everything we had been looking for :  ample storage, small enough in size for the two of us to tote around, all major 'gutting' renovations completed, the list went on.  The bones of it were there to make it entirely, whole-heartedly on linyage brand.

We crossed our fingers and toes for it's availability, and before we could find another body part to wish upon, we were in the car on our way to Marshfield, WI--our anticipation was nothing short of a child going to pick out it's first puppy.


It was clear that the kind couple had put in plenty of work on it already, essentially flipping it to be a functional means of a home away from home. It would've been perfect to leave as is, as you can see, but wanted to put our own brand on it.  We both saw it's potential, were surprised by the amount of space to store our goods it had, and how we would both have a place to rest our heads when on the road. Our minds were made before we saw it in person, but after our visit, there was no question whatsoever.  This would in fact be our whip for quite possibly the greatest adventure of our life.  Nothing had made this much sense in a long while. A week later, on Sarah's 28th birthday, we pulled out of the driveway, with this little abode swaying in the breeze behind us.

After sketching, vision-board making, and coffee-fueled chats, we got to working on putting our touch on it.  Lindsay immediately hit the sewing machine by dying and deconstructing a blanket which she turned into pillows, and reupholstering the fabric on the cushions.  We loved the gray tone carried throughout, but knew it could use a touch of something, which is where copper always has a place to come in.  Painting the backsplash and handles, it quickly gave it a touch of linyage + luxury for very little cash.  Marble contact paper was a quick fix to begin covering things, though not entirely done, and plants and photos quickly lent a soft touch, making it feel like a home.

Our most thoughtout addition, and perhaps our favorite of all, was the decals, created by our talented friend + artist, Athena Pelton. We knew immediately that we wanted it to feel like our logo, with a touch of something whimsical, and no one is better suited for the job than Ms. Pelton and her emblematic script.  We chose on the hashtag for the back so that when we are traveling, people are easily given the description of why two crazy blondes are lugging it along from highway to highway.

So there you have it, folks. A peek into our work in progress and the beginning of what is sure to be 2016's most rewarding journey.  We are so ecstatic to be able to take this on the road come spring, with our first stop being at the SXSW festival and art fairs.  More on that to come, but in the mean time, let us know if you have a spot that would love to shop linyage and where we should park Scotty in the upcoming year.  

Afterall, it's people like you who inspired this in the first place. 

linyage lady : kate worum

If Amy Poehler, Sofia Coppola, Jenny Lewis and Carrie Bradshaw some how created an offspring, we'd bet our french lace that even she wouldn't be as cool or as clever as this week's linyage lady, Kate Worum.  

A Minnesota native whose talent is utterly limitless, we cannot stop picking up what Kate is putting down.  She is every bit, what we feel, to be effortlessly chic : makes no apologies for being herself while somehow still maintaining a finger on the pulse of what's worth trying to emulate.  The funny thing about it, however, is that everyone else is trying to be her. And her sweet and sincere oblivion to it all is what makes her so damn lovable. That, and her ever-evident quick wit and raunchy humor that somehow always feels impeccably timed. Self-deprocating comedy while every bit the lady? We will drink whatever she's having, thanks.

Kate first came on to our radar back in 2006, when she and our Creative Director Sarah met as freshmen in college at a small town in MN.  The two would run into one another at parties, both sharing paralleled interest to get the heck out of dodge and do something creative, albeit loving the amazing people and cheap rent at where they were at.  After enough time and scoffing, they later circled back up just a couple of years ago, both having realized that they indeed followed their artistic aspirations.  However, bare in mind that what was Kate's initial proposal back as a talented and eager 19 year old were far surpassed and quickly, as made clear by her encycolpedia-size list of who and what she has created for.  A mixed media artist, Ms. Worum has a vast array of talents and her pieces, while boasting a recognizable style, are all incredibly unique and often times relevant to current events. 

Currently creating pieces for the likes of everyone from the beloved Parc Botique to Man Repeller to Urban Outfitters,  we could not be more proud of our friend, whose relentless efforts are much deserving of the acclaim she is getting.  With her demanding schedule, we're so grateful that Kate could graciously find some time to share with us about herself as an artist, and how her roots are painted throughout it all. (Sorry, we had to.)

Q. First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less.

A. I'm a mixed bag artist. 



 Q.You've got a young spirit but it's evident that you also have an old soul and connect with past eras in your work.  and perhaps any person or facet of your lineage that resonate with you most when reflecting upon it.

A.I sadly don't feel a strong sense of connection to my family's past or really understand the depths of my lineage. I'd really love to dig deeper to know and understand where I come from.

Q. How have you noticed your own 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?

A. My immediate family has certainly influenced my work. My family is bizarre, rocky and abrasive, but also filled with a lot of love and emotion. I am now all of those things as well... And I think you can see that range in my work. 



Q. You're a born and bred Minnesotan, though you've traveled all over the world for work and pleasure. Tell us why you chose to reside in MN, and how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.

A. I am a fan of comfort zones and Minneapolis is exactly that to me. Metaphorically, a big pair of grey sweat pants. A big part of it is my loved ones and the sense of familiarity that I really crave to be around.  I love to explore and get out of the Minneapolis bubble to gain new perspective and to shock myself when life gets boring. So, creating opportunities to see new places is something that is important to me. However, it always feels amazing to come back home. Professionally speaking I love how approachable everyone is here. 

Q. New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?

A. Nowhere in particular. Everywhere. Mostly through things that feel "new" to me. That could be a color palette, a person of interest, a technique I'd like to explore. Inspiration is unpredictable and that is what keeps things exciting.

Q. Favorite time of day to create?

A. Mid morning (post coffee)


Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today?

A. Trust your gut. It's usually right. Especially if you are a woman... Then it's your 6th sense. You know what I'm saying? 

We trust it and are listening closely. Thanks for giving women such a good name, KW.

jenna | a linyage bride plus one

Today, one of our stunning autumn brides says 'I do', and we could not be more honored to be a part of her day.  And this situation made us feel exceptionally lucky, in that we got to create not one but two dresses for the event.

Our lovely linyage lady Jenna is every bit a country girl to her heart, as is her nearly one year old daughter, Britton, who stole our hearts before we had a moment to think. Jenna knew that they both would be wearing their beloved cowboy boots, and she wanted both she and Britton's dress to feel well suited for the woodland wedding that took place amongst the vast land and crisp air. We have never made a creation quite like this, and certainly have never had the (amazing) opportunity to make one for a mini-me of the bride. 

We have had so much fun working with these two, starting all the way back to this winter, as Jenna was one of the first brides in our studio.

Today, on her day, we wish only the best for she and the lovely family she has already worked so hard to grow and establish.  We feel beyond blessed to have a hand in such a gorgeous occasion.

We cannot wait to share more of this beautiful bride and her little lady with you soon!

Series: linyage lady | Adrienne Page

It's really quite remarkable how individuals come into our life in different seasons, not to realize until we are blinded in hindsight that they entered to teach us something; a skill, patience, a characteristic about ourselves we were previously unaware existed. Adrienne Page has served as that person for us, but her effect has been as such that we are keeping her around for all the seasons that we can.  We're certain, much like her flourishing career, that her chapter in lessons for us to learn from is not to close anytime soon.

We first met Adrienne over seven years ago, when Sarah was lucky enough to snag an internship with her.  At the time, Adrienne was well rooted and renowned as a sought-after film photographer known most for luxury weddings, acquiring an impressive client list. Velvet Raptor, her current business and focus, was just in the infant stages.  Having the unique honor of watching the company grow and soar, to no surprise, has been an opportunity that we do not take for granted.  

VR quickly captured the eyes of many, namely other notable artists and companies, such as Jose Villa and BHLDN.  And more recently, she has graced us with her skills by making all of our hang tags that adorn our creations, greeting cards, and photo albums. Creating product(s) that simply do not exist anywhere else was the catalyst for it's rapid attention, but supported by the report Adrienne herself had built for years as a photographer with a keen eye and consummated style. 

Adrienne is a linyage lady for so many reasons. Her love for all things heirloom and with- a-story aligns with our hearts perfectly, and her work in film photography speaks lineage in and of itself.  However it's her perfect cocktail of equal parts wit, candor and diligence that has us looking to her for sage advice and humble wisdom time and again.  Her approach to her work, as anyone who knows her can attest to, is not without evident dedication to her craft, proven notably by the precise and personal touch to every single album, tag or card she creates.  Enjoy the Q&A and photos below, as we learn more about how this tried + true creative and mama of (almost!) two strike a balance while maintaining her voice.  

Q. First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less. 


A. I flitter, create, photograph, hustle, dream.


Q. You've got a little girl who is almost two years old, with a name derived from your own lineage. Tell us a bit about you as a mother, and perhaps any person or facet of your lineage that resonate with you most when reflecting upon it.


A. AHHHHH!  How did this happen so quickly, yes she is turning 2 in just a few weeks and I have just a few weeks left before I become a “mommy" for the second time.    Her name, Alma Petrina comes from her great grandmother on Jason’s side and her great, great, great grandmother on my side.  


Our journey has been my greatest accomplishment.  She has gently guided me to become the mother I am proud of being.  I thought I knew what being a mother was going to be and how I would be able to balance all areas of my life.  Then, with great hesitation, I threw it all out the window and started over.  No longer am I the person I was before, I was clinging to an identity that was wrapped up into a pretty package of artist and designer of pretty things.  Now, I have much more responsibility, not only being a creative but doing it in such a way that has more depth and meaning.  I am to be an example for my daughter, My family is my first priority and it feels wonderful and more fulfilling.  I now understand my parents and grandparents on a whole new level.  The love, dreaming, worrying, joy of your children is so intense.  I get it now… This is what life is about.  It is about family, about lineage.


Q.  How have you noticed your 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?


A. Lineage does influence me as an artist.  With both my products and photography, the goal is to create momentos that can bring you back to a moment in time, a feeling, capturing of spirit and keeping it safe to pass along for generations to follow.  I create heirlooms.  This art sometimes seems lost in our society which propels me to continue along my pass. 


Q. Though you are travel often for work, you chose to reside in St. Paul. Tell us how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.


A. I choose this as home a the moment because of my lineage!  Family is important to me and watching my daughter build the most amazing relationship with her grandparents and cousins for example is priceless.  The joy she brings to us all melts my heart.  Also, the relationships with my family and close friends also provide the strength and courage for me to continue along my creative path.  We all need those to can hold you up, encourage and guide you along your journey and many of those people are close to me here in Minnesota. 


Q. New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?


A. I draw my inspiration from many areas.  It be visiting a museum and falling in love again with the colors of a painting, or vintage photographs, fashion or other creative outlets but most importantly it comes from relationships and real life.  I get inspired by emotions at a wedding, a song I sing to my daughter, the fleeting moments that end and all I want is for them to linger.  


Q. Favorite time of day to create?


A. I am a morning person who loves solitude, a cup of green tea, a space to create a creative mess and simple materials to play with and be inspired by.


Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.


A. The best advise, is to always look forward.  Do not lament in the past, envision your path ahead and stay authentic to yourself.  If you need too, turn off the world around you.  This may mean tuning out social media, others work and comparing yourself to anyone else.  Stay focused!


And forward we will look. Thank you for such an sweet and honest approach, Adrienne! You're stuck with us.

Series: linyage lady | michelle hoffner of Paper Antler

There are a million different things we could say about this week's linyage lady, and yet it feels as though no words would quite suffice.  Truthfully,  Michelle is a woman that actually needs no introduction.  But alas, you know us. We bask and wade in any moment that rises up for us to gush about those we admire, and Michelle Hoffner of Paper Antler is at the very tip top of that list and has been for quite some time.  The funny part? We only just met her in person last week.

We're sure you've seen the work of the dynamic duo, Paper Antler, grace your instagram or pinterest feeds. The team is made up of Michelle and her husband, Jonny, and their work is unrivaled in a deep, vast sea of photographers. Whats more, we instantly fell in love with Michelle by way of her soul and grounded spirit that jumps right out of her work and tugs your heart strings like a ventriloquist for days to come.

We had the fortunate opportunity to be graced by her presence last weekend for the whole day, as she and Jonny photographed our creative director Sarah's wedding.  Everything we had already conjured up in our minds about her was not only confirmed, but the laundry list of positive attributes we had written to describe her simply grew. She is an outstanding example of someone to look to who is both a creative AND a mother, but does not necessarily let one or the other define her wholly and completely.  Rooted strongly in faith and belief in herself, she lends an unapologetic tone for going after what you believe to be right and true, and how to brush off the dust when those said goals inevitably knock you straight on your bum the first time around.

Now, for the freshest breath of air you'll likely take all week, our Q&A with this week's lovely linyage lady. 

Q. First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less.

 A. I try to see beauty in all things...and I take pictures.


Q. You recently welcomed a beautiful girl into the world, Dottie Fern, whom we have adored watching grow up via social media. Tell us a bit about you as a mother, and perhaps any person or facet of your lineage that resonate with you most when reflecting upon it.

A. Watching Dottie grow and change before my eyes all the while having an affection and love for her that literally aches my soul has been the most amazing experience.  I didn't grow up with that  "all i want more than anything is to be a mom" feeling, in fact I felt terrified to become one because I didn't  know too many who I truly wanted to emulate; however, now I wouldn't want anything else in the world.  I feel like now that I am a mother I hold juxtaposing traits of being stronger yet softer, more aware yet less able to concentrate, whole yet fractured...and forever changed.  

When I am holding Dottie or feeding her or feeling that soul altering pang of love for her I tend to reflect on how my mom must have felt about me as a baby, and though she and I are so different, I know deep down she would have done anything for me.  I hope Dottie feels that from me now and forever...that I would go to the ends of the earth for her. 

Q. How have you noticed your 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?

A. My parents (for some reason)  have always believed wholeheartedly that I can do anything in this world.  Although they are clearly a little confused on the matter, they have instilled in me a confidence to try anything; and if I fail the first time, try it again, and again, and again.  I have always felt so supported and believed in, and that has given me the ability to dream big and be creative.


Q. You recently bought a home and chose reside in Wisconsin, though you are traveling nearly every week. Tell us how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.

A. Choosing the midwest as our home was an intentional decision that has allowed us to be close to family, surrounded by nature, and experience a calm and peaceful lifestyle.  We can be on a beautiful lake, in rolling hills, or downtown at a cafe in a matter of minutes.  This combo allows us to truly live when we are at home and appreciate time together and with good friends.  I think it also refreshes us for all the busy travel we do on the weekends so that we can encounter every new place with fresh eyes. 

Q.  New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?

A. I try to draw inspiration from a multitude of things, people, places, etc.  Lyrics from musicians like Sufjan Stevens; quotes from authors like David Foster Wallace; movies about life, death, beauty, and sorrow; the way light looks in different places, cities, countries; family that I trust and look up to; friends and acquaintances that I cross paths with; my husband and business partner who challenges me to grow and learn and see the world from a different perspective. 

Q. Favorite time of day to create?

A. IF I was a morning person, I would say the morning when the sun is just starting to stretch her arms out and touch the earth with her soft glow, but typically I am still in bed when this is happening, so realistically, in the evening during that hour when the sun is just low enough to cover everything in a golden blanket and give little sunbursts in our camera lenses.

Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.

A. We are all frail; consider none more frail than yourself.  This is a hard mantra to live by, but it is a constant reminder to refrain from pride, judgement and anger, and to live in a state of grace and humility, that is others oriented. 


You've blazed the trail, Michelle, and we proudly walk along it! Thank you for the beautiful reminders, in both creativity and in life.

series: linyage lady | alexandra hynes

One of the most incredible parts of the Eaux Claires festival, if not thee most incredible, was the amazing people that we had the opportunity to meet.  Every ten minutes or so, we would find ourselves looking at one another in state of disbelief : how are this many talented people in such a confined area?

Alexandra Hynes was amongst them, and at the top of our list of memorable people that graced our tent.  Instantly, her infections smile and effortlessly chic style caught our attention and we began talking about her own upcoming nuptials, as well as her amazing one-stop-shop blog for brides to be: The Hitch List.

Catering to the Boston area and beyond, Alexandra has set up a home base for brides to weed out the overwhelming amount of vendors by refining into categories and reviews on each one.  Need a florist but want to hear a personal experience story? She's got it.  Connection to a unique caterer? Done.  She's truly making the process easier and in turn making the planning journey a fun one; what it should ultimately be after all.

Alexandra has an impeccable eye and taste for all things aesthetically pleasing, and her warm and genuine demeanor is one that gives you an instant yearning to become her best friend.  

Take a peek at how this east coast lovely gets inspired and stays just so in an ever evolving industry.


Q.First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less.

A.Connecting people with people or people with new information and telling stories, makes me happy!.. Oops I went over!

Q. Weddings are all about blending of families; utilizing old traditions and starting anew. Tell us about your own lineage briefly, and perhaps any facet or person in that you resonate with most when thinking of yours. 

A. I come from a big Irish Catholic family (who happens to have olive skin strangely!) that is totally dominated by smart, lively women. I have 3 sisters, one brother, and 7 aunts. 


Q. How have you noticed your 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?

A. I am absolutely influenced by a desire to support entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs at that. I love creating a family within my work environment, and on my blog. 

My grandmother is in her mid 70s, raised 9 children and still hustles all over town to sell real estate. It's adorable, hilarious and so inspiring. She's a spitfire. 

Q. You deal with brides and vendors all over the country, but at the core your business is Boston based and you have chosen to call the east coast home. Tell us how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.

A. My love for Boston is so strong - Bostonians tell it like it is, love sarcasm, and love their tight knit network. It makes doing business here very fun. It's a very supportive, very connected and very smart city. 

I've lived in LA and Manhattan but there is nothing like being based back home, having weekends to spend with family or taking a quick work break to go on a walk with my mom and dogs!  

Q. New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?

A. I draw inspiration from my grandmother, mother, sisters, close girlfriends. 

I love love love flowers. I love Pinterest. I love clean, modern websites and great instagrammers. I love travel.  

Q.Favorite time of day to create?

A. Late evening, after a great workout. Or Saturday morning with a big latte and some country music on.  

Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.

I love this quote from Martha Graham: 

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.


Thank you, Alexandra! We cannot wait to continue seeing the positive impact you make on so many couples. We are certain that soon enough,  every other state will come knocking at your door for your help, too!