before it all.

Aside from the initial consults and creative process in general, one of our favorite parts about what we get to do/include is a photoshoot of each bride after her final fitting.

Our first bride with the linyage name attached to it, official and all, was the incredible bride Alex.  With that enigmatic gaze, unapologetic beauty, and inherent wisdom, we knew that we had to capture all of that and then some as she put on her wedding dress one more time before meeting her groom in it.  The purpose of these shoots, after all, is to catch those very moments that you may not be able to on your wedding day.  A whirlwind of a day, albeit beautiful, it's easy to take a moment simply for YOU : the bride.

With Alex, we wanted to highlight her almost classic, Audrey-esque demeanor.  In addition to being every bit the feminine woman and bride, she is at her core a mother, thus why we chose to highlight their names painted gracefully and permanently along her back.  That's what all of this is about, in the end. This is why this portion of the process is just as crucial as the very first sketch to us at linyage.  Taking a moment to pause in your own skin, catch your breath, and document those fleeting moments of who you currently are, amidst the preparation for a brand new chapter.  Marriage symbolizes so much change, and your sense of idleness takes a back seat as you welcome a teammate up front.  But our hope is that these portraits can serve as reminder that deep down, or perhaps right at the surface, will forever live the fierce independence you have grown to reign true.

Sarah HrudkaComment