the first of many.

This past weekend, we were thrilled to host a linyage workshop, the first of many, many more to come.  We both have collectively attended so many various events in the cities we have lived in, whether it was to learn a new craft or perfect an existing one.  We felt that it was time to bring that same love to Eau Claire, and boy were we glad we did.

A sunny, warm, and estrogen-clad studio was ours this past Saturday, and for every piece of leather or pile of glitter, there were equal amounts of laughter.  An intimate group of 14 women gathered in our cozy creative abode, and did so simply in the name of wanting to connect and do art; whatever that may look like.

Slowly but ever-so-surely, we've been putting our place together to serve as a respite, somewhere to inspire and gather, in addition to it being a productive work zone.  With the right women and energy that our first workshop brought, the room adorned itself perfectly.  Not a single dream catcher looked the same, and every attendee left feeling empowered, full, or at the very least, with a new acquaintance to say hello to at the coffee shop.

We truly are elated to be offering more of these workshops, each with its own topic and theme. Stay tuned for our next offering in May, via the Shop!  In the mean time please let us know what you would love to learn, see, and do.

We provide the space. It's up to you to help us bring it to life.




Sarah HrudkaComment