linyage workshops : a spring clearing.

Common in indigenous American tradition for thousands of years, Smudging is known to be used as a spiritual cleansing technique to clear away negative energy and help in restoring in balance; whether this be a place, person, group of people, or all of the above.  It's a ritual that often take to not only because of it's affects, but also because of it's ease and effortless gesture.


Here at the linyage studio and even in our very own homes, you'll often find more than one smudge stick laying around, usually propped on a dish made by a loved one or resting on the window sill.  Made of simple herbs and a twine, (often of sage or a sweetgrass) smudge sticks have found their way into Western mindsets only in the more recent decades, but it is catching on nonetheless. Anything that helps us press the restart button, clear the air, and give us something to always come back to with ease, we're there.

After our last workshop being one for the books, we quickly realized (and heard from you all!) that another workshop was needed. And soon. What better time to honor a clean slate and new beginnings than spring? On May 2nd, in the morning of our linyage launch party, we will be making our own Smudge sticks for you to bring into your own homes, work spaces, or wherever you see fit.  It's also a wonderful gift to give a friend moving into a new home, mother-to-be, or any individual that you think would appreciate your hand made bundle of love and good juju.


Where: the linyage HQ | 21 S. Barstow St. Eau Claire, WI 54701

When: Saturday, May 2nd | 10am-12pm

Fee: $25 (This includes cost of materials. Payments due at registration. Purchases are final.)

Space is limited, so snag your spot soon.  Who knows, maybe we will have fresh flowers, coffee, and fruit from the newly reopened farmer's market across the street for you to enjoy. Just a hunch.

Sarah HrudkaComment