linyage launch.

On May 2nd, we held a launch party at The Stone's Throw, one of Eau Claire's oldest and most beloved bars + venues, which also happens to be just below our little studio.   We took the cozy brick and stained glass window-clad nook and put a little linyage love all over it.  Eucalyptus installations by our dear friend Sam, photos of past brides hung and suspended, handmade and unparalleled appetizers by our friends Glenna and Alisa, and little touches of femininity and warmth wherever we could. 

We had three amazing female performers who entertained, two musicians and a comedian, who were donning linyage dresses. 

At one moment we stood in the back of the room, looked around at over one hundred guests who were both familiar faces and new ones alike, and our hearts were full.  This was of course a celebration of all that linyage is, but the main pillar of that is community.  The intention was to provide the space for the city to come together, celebrate the arts, celebrate the potential that resides in this rich and ever-growing soil.  We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome if we sketched it up ourselves.


A big thank you to Lindsay's papa Jim for the photos!

Sarah HrudkaComment