a big announcement : linyage at Eaux Claires Festival

As we write this, we are both shaking our heads, wondering how we hit the jackpot being a small sliver in such an outstanding community. Any of those wavering moments where we wondered if our paths made sense, if our geographic location was right after all. . . it all became clear when we first saw our peers doing noteworthy things like Eaux Claires.

When we were asked to be one of the six artist vendors at the festival, we were equal parts elated, honored and stunned.  But alas, we cannot think of a better place to share the linyage love than amongst the like-minded, supportive community of all Eaux Claires artists and patrons.

Our special nugget of space amidst the rolling hills of festival ground will be every bit the linyage lounge.  We will have pieces to touch, examples of past work, and live sewing with a creation to giveaway to a lucky winner, the list goes on.  Above all we want it to be a respite for you to find some shade and join in the process as you witness how our pieces can transform from a doily on the table to a crop top you can don.

These next two weeks cannot go by fast enough. We hope you are as excited as we are.  

The best musicians of our time, out-of-this-world talented vendors, a cold drink and vast land.

We are continually confirmed in our choice to be here of all places on earth.  

Thank you, Eaux Claires.

Sarah HrudkaComment