eaux claires : we're coming back for ya!

It is with giddy excitement and humble hearts that we announce we are proud to be back as one of the handful of vendors at this year's Eaux Claires festival.


Last year, as seen in the recap here, was one of the best memories of our lives. Not only did we feel so thankful to be there as vendors, but moreover we felt moved to have witnessed the event as a whole. Truly a remarkable work of art and celebration of music, Eaux Claires festival is impeccably curated, no detail missed or placed without intention.


We've got more announcements regarding that to come on our social media platforms, but in the mean time just know this : we are creating our one of a kind signature lace toppers, EXCLUSIVELY for the festival. That means no top will look the same, nor can it be replicated. Last year we sold out of our stock and certainly don't want you to miss out this time around. 

That is all from us for now-- back to sewing and creating for the big weekend one month from now! We cannot wait to see you there.

*A huge thank you again to the staff of Eaux Claires Festival for your consideration in having linyage as a part of year two. We are so grateful.*


Sarah HrudkaComment