behind the velvet : the story about our tags + cards

You've heard us rant + rave about Velvet Raptor before, and it's always for good reason. Not only are their products truly special, luxe and gorgeous, but we have been lucky enough to have our tags and cards come from this very line since the inception of our brand. 

Velvet Raptor creates all of the de-bossing on their products by way of this vintage beauty. A 100+ year old press, which we'd like to think would be friends with our very own Elna.  The process is truly one done manually and we have had so much fun learning just what goes into it all.

Each and every one of our pieces has a velvet linyage label inside. We start by backing the blush colored velvet fabric.  From there, the pieces are all hand cut into sections wide enough for the width of our logo's dye (pictured above) with room for hand-cutting after.

Once the machine has heated up for at least an hour, we place the dye on the hot metal plate, that slides into the top of the machine.  We then line up the velvet in coordinance with where the dye is, preparing to press. 

Once everything is set, the lever on the side of the machine is pulled down and held long enough to make the impression on the velvet; much like the gesture of pumping an old water well. The same process occurs for cards, of which we also give each and every bride with a handwritten note on the back when we give them their final piece(s).

Once the label is done being de-bossed, we trace each individual swatch with a vintage calling card, simply because we love the outlined shape and structure of the lines. From there, we hand cut out each label before it can be sewn into our pieces.

Tedious as it may seem, we find so much charm and love in the way in which it all has to unfold.  That's why Velvet Raptor itself is so sought after; people appreciate the very personal aspects that are required to create something. we absolutely love having the velvet touch in our line. Our brides have told us repeatedly how they love that the tag is not itchy, but instead soft. It adds an element of surprise and femininity to each piece. Because such a majority of our process for linyage is hand-down and on vintage material and appliances, Velvet Raptor's process strikes a special chord; all the more reason to incorporate that element into our finished product.


For a little stop motion peek into the pressing action, see below! 

Sarah HrudkaComment