Series: linyage lady | Adrienne Page

It's really quite remarkable how individuals come into our life in different seasons, not to realize until we are blinded in hindsight that they entered to teach us something; a skill, patience, a characteristic about ourselves we were previously unaware existed. Adrienne Page has served as that person for us, but her effect has been as such that we are keeping her around for all the seasons that we can.  We're certain, much like her flourishing career, that her chapter in lessons for us to learn from is not to close anytime soon.

We first met Adrienne over seven years ago, when Sarah was lucky enough to snag an internship with her.  At the time, Adrienne was well rooted and renowned as a sought-after film photographer known most for luxury weddings, acquiring an impressive client list. Velvet Raptor, her current business and focus, was just in the infant stages.  Having the unique honor of watching the company grow and soar, to no surprise, has been an opportunity that we do not take for granted.  

VR quickly captured the eyes of many, namely other notable artists and companies, such as Jose Villa and BHLDN.  And more recently, she has graced us with her skills by making all of our hang tags that adorn our creations, greeting cards, and photo albums. Creating product(s) that simply do not exist anywhere else was the catalyst for it's rapid attention, but supported by the report Adrienne herself had built for years as a photographer with a keen eye and consummated style. 

Adrienne is a linyage lady for so many reasons. Her love for all things heirloom and with- a-story aligns with our hearts perfectly, and her work in film photography speaks lineage in and of itself.  However it's her perfect cocktail of equal parts wit, candor and diligence that has us looking to her for sage advice and humble wisdom time and again.  Her approach to her work, as anyone who knows her can attest to, is not without evident dedication to her craft, proven notably by the precise and personal touch to every single album, tag or card she creates.  Enjoy the Q&A and photos below, as we learn more about how this tried + true creative and mama of (almost!) two strike a balance while maintaining her voice.  

Q. First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less. 


A. I flitter, create, photograph, hustle, dream.


Q. You've got a little girl who is almost two years old, with a name derived from your own lineage. Tell us a bit about you as a mother, and perhaps any person or facet of your lineage that resonate with you most when reflecting upon it.


A. AHHHHH!  How did this happen so quickly, yes she is turning 2 in just a few weeks and I have just a few weeks left before I become a “mommy" for the second time.    Her name, Alma Petrina comes from her great grandmother on Jason’s side and her great, great, great grandmother on my side.  


Our journey has been my greatest accomplishment.  She has gently guided me to become the mother I am proud of being.  I thought I knew what being a mother was going to be and how I would be able to balance all areas of my life.  Then, with great hesitation, I threw it all out the window and started over.  No longer am I the person I was before, I was clinging to an identity that was wrapped up into a pretty package of artist and designer of pretty things.  Now, I have much more responsibility, not only being a creative but doing it in such a way that has more depth and meaning.  I am to be an example for my daughter, My family is my first priority and it feels wonderful and more fulfilling.  I now understand my parents and grandparents on a whole new level.  The love, dreaming, worrying, joy of your children is so intense.  I get it now… This is what life is about.  It is about family, about lineage.


Q.  How have you noticed your 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?


A. Lineage does influence me as an artist.  With both my products and photography, the goal is to create momentos that can bring you back to a moment in time, a feeling, capturing of spirit and keeping it safe to pass along for generations to follow.  I create heirlooms.  This art sometimes seems lost in our society which propels me to continue along my pass. 


Q. Though you are travel often for work, you chose to reside in St. Paul. Tell us how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.


A. I choose this as home a the moment because of my lineage!  Family is important to me and watching my daughter build the most amazing relationship with her grandparents and cousins for example is priceless.  The joy she brings to us all melts my heart.  Also, the relationships with my family and close friends also provide the strength and courage for me to continue along my creative path.  We all need those to can hold you up, encourage and guide you along your journey and many of those people are close to me here in Minnesota. 


Q. New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?


A. I draw my inspiration from many areas.  It be visiting a museum and falling in love again with the colors of a painting, or vintage photographs, fashion or other creative outlets but most importantly it comes from relationships and real life.  I get inspired by emotions at a wedding, a song I sing to my daughter, the fleeting moments that end and all I want is for them to linger.  


Q. Favorite time of day to create?


A. I am a morning person who loves solitude, a cup of green tea, a space to create a creative mess and simple materials to play with and be inspired by.


Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.


A. The best advise, is to always look forward.  Do not lament in the past, envision your path ahead and stay authentic to yourself.  If you need too, turn off the world around you.  This may mean tuning out social media, others work and comparing yourself to anyone else.  Stay focused!


And forward we will look. Thank you for such an sweet and honest approach, Adrienne! You're stuck with us.