workshop : linyage autumn gathering

Two weeks ago, we held a night that, unbeknownst to us, would be one we would forever reference as one we hope to someday emulate again.  However, sometimes the most beautiful thing about a memorable moment in time is that it will never happen again.  At least that's what Dickinson alluded to, right? She was on to something, that one.

With the idea of "gather" at the epicenter, we hosted an evening all about everything autumn inspired: craft, food, spirits and overall energy.

After Scotty, our vintage trailer and means of transportation for the #linyageXland tour made it's debut, where guests were able to receive the first peek after the full makeover, we carried the conversation in to the gorgeous home of our friend Brittany, who kindly opened her doors to host the event.

We gathered 'round to learn the ways to make an autumnal wreath, which everyone was able to take home, followed shortly thereafter by spirits form our dear pal Benny, and a 3 course + apps dinner by the undeniably talented Personal Chef Jodi Giroux.

Equally as good as the decadent, nourishing food however, was the conversation and sense of empathy that was cultivated around the oak table.  The sense of safety amongst friends, both familiar and new, was palpable.  It's evenings like these that remind us what all of the hard work is for, and that above all, we're all fighting for the same thing at the end of the day.



A HUGE thank you to Lexi O'Brien , for lending her talent for the bottom half photos, her incredible and hilarious energy, and keen eye.  She captured the evening and it's fleeting yet noteworthy moments perfectly. 

Keep your eyes peeled next week for more on the transformation of our new whip, as well as an update on workshops on our Shop page. 

Sarah HrudkaComment