linyageXland : let the tour commence!

                                                                    Image found via pinterest here

Tomorrow, we begin the kick-off of our #linyageXland journey.  Like many big ideas, especially our audacious ones, we're sure at this point you are either a) sick of reading that hashtag or b) wondering if it will ever truly transpire. Or perhaps c) wondering what in the hell all the fuss is about.

In short, all of those are completely valid points to pose.  We are learning a lot as we go along too, for what it's worth.  All we know is that we have a dream for our brand and a serious thirst to meet creative beings that transform from strangers to friends, and places that switch from foreign to fond of. 

We have some incredible things planned and are excited for what or who we will come across in the moments that are still uncertain. We are likely going to be the most cautious vehicle on the freeway and may be whipped the bird by passersby, but we're hoping our blush and gold trailer exterior will soften hearts and lend us patience in our lofty trek.

We cannot wait to share more photos and stories with you. Moreover, we're excited to say that our manifestation is no longer just a dream.


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