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it's been a while since we have shared this linyage lady (now aptly named #linyageladyboss) series with you, and we couldn't really think of someone better to reignite the flame than thee very trail blazer herself, wynne reece. 

on paper, wynne's resume is so impressive that it isn't an uncommon reaction to want to re-evaluate your own entire life top to bottom. but lucky for us, wynne is the absolute epitome of humility and grace, and instead of leaving you feeling inferior with her list of accolades, she has quite the opposite effect : she makes us want to be the best version of ourselves. 

a creative in many facets and a long-time lawyer, she is the jill of all trades, to say the very least. most recently, wynne founded the creative's counsel, which offers professional legal guidance for creatives, from everything from contract revisions to day-to-day disputes. the best part? she runs it with her  father jim reece, also a successful and renowned lawyer.  with their combined decades of expertise, The creative counsel makes information and answers accessible to all who seek the attorney advice but perhaps cannot bite the typical financial fee or know where to start. 

To know wynne is to know her effervescent light; one that inspires yet grounds simultaneously. her belief in her community is contagious and we are consistently in awe of–and signing up for–what she is shaking up.  she is every bit a linyage lady, from how she honors her very own familial lineage, to the ways in which she is leaving a lasting mark for the future. without further adieu, we bring you wynne reece, an exemplary #linyageladyboss.

1.) First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative/badass boss lady, in 5 words or less.

Legal advocate (+ admirer) of creatives. 

Innovative, Resilient, Clever, Dreamy, Honest


2.) It's a rarity to have both the creative drive and strong business sense, but somehow you possess both equally and fiercely. Tell us a little bit more about how those worlds merged, and perhaps what they've taught you about the other. 


I would have to attribute this to being a Gemini and also growing up in a house divided. You see, on one hand you have my mother who is a classical composer and as an only child I was in tow to most major premieres, living backstage and watching artists create. On the other hand you have my father who worked as a litigator at one of the larger law firms in Minneapolis, tackling cases that lasted years. The two personalities collided in the best way, in that they introduced me to and let me try (pretty much) anything I wanted to! From a very young age I was sailing and swimming, painting and creating forts, exploring in the mountains and sitting politely at professional events. I grew up quite quickly, but I cannot possibly thank my parents enough for the endless opportunities they afforded me, which undoubtedly shaped the way I approach business now, always with a strong twist of innovation.  Merge all this with my natural desire to connect people and ideas and it seems that is what makes possessing both possible.



3.) How have you noticed your own lineage influence you as an artist/business woman? Perhaps any facet or person that you find yourself drawing upon. 


When I think of lineage, I think of work ethic. Without naming everyone, there are a handful of people from both sides of my family - parents included, who have an incredibly strong work-ethic. The people that I am thinking of are self-made, which I think gives someone another level of grit. To add to the grit, I look at both of my parents, and there isn't a time that I can recall, when they didn't genuinely love what they were doing. I kid you not, I think they both bounce out of bed in the morning and think to themselves, man I love what I do! This is of course important as nothing worthwhile was done without hard work and passion. Oh, and also through stubbornness. If someone tells me I can't do something, well, challenged accepted! My parents say I inherited both of their stubborn streaks combined and if that is the case, heaven help me!


4.) Born and bred, you are a Midwest girl at heart (though not without a true zest for travel and exploration.) Tell us why and how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.


This is an amazing question! I was just talking with someone this week about how despite being a "big city" kind of gal (Minneapolis being the city, so I suppose size is relative), there is a big part of my heart that embraces the small town. This, to me, is my Midwest spirit in a nutshell! 



I'm influenced daily by the interactions I have with people, whether its a barista, a student, the person standing next to me in line, or the woman on the yoga mat next to me. They remind me the importance of acting with humility, grace and a genuine desire to do good for others. The Midwest is full of hardworking, modest folks, and thus it is absolutely noticed if you don't act this way, in business or just in human interaction. 


As for the creative process, oh my goodness is the Midwest bursting with inspiration! Those same people who influence me daily in human interaction do so when it comes to creativity too. I am in a unique position that allows for vulnerability and divulgence of dreams, which happen to both foster creativity, inventiveness and vision. While I work with others to realize their dreams, I find some of my own along the way. 


5.) New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?


I know that you are asking me to choose, but as a true Gemini, I love and embrace both. When it comes to the 'new', I have one of those curious minds that is always wondering how someone came to be who they are or how something came to be what it is. Thus, with each new experience, my mind develops a narrative around it and a million questions that lead down inspiring paths. I also truly draw such inspiration from my clients and peers. I am a huge proponent of the idea that there is always more to learn, and what better way to do so than from interactions with other dreamers?! When it comes to the 'old', there is no denying that I am an old soul. I love nostalgia and wistful reminiscing, great authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, and ice skating in snow globe snow. 



6.) Favorite time of day to create and work?


First thing in the morning, between 7 and 9ish. This is a new approach to the work day for me — trust me, it did not used to be this way — but it's been amazing! I find myself being able to actually turn off "work mode" at a reasonable evening hour so that I can enjoy a quality time with my husband and pups. 



7.) Coffee, tea, or other? AKA, what fuels your day-to-day?


Does hot chocolate count?! If not, then peppermint tea, most certainly. 



8.) Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.


If your dreams don't scare you, they just aren't big enough!



we couldn't have said it better. thank you for reminding us to keep dreaming bigger, W. xx

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