bridal boudoir | keeping it soft and ethereal

Our decision to specialize in bridal separates was grown with versatility at top of mind.  One of our favorite extensions of this concept is bridal boudoir (and of the ethereal variety, while we’re at it).


photos: elizabeth messina

Our separates lend themselves perfectly for this type of occasion. in true linyage form, they can set the stage for the most soft, ethereal, lovely bridal portraits.  Throw in some natural early morning light and you’ll set yourself up for a flawless session. the bridal boudoir game is changing : soft + feminine is in.


photos: david kasyanyuk

There are beautiful ways to subtly flaunt your curves and femininity, whether donning a linyage lace bodysuit or the translucent layers of a linyage silk skirt.  We love when our ladies get creative - and of course we’re always here for suggestions and references.


Photos: laura rae photography


We suggest printing out a collection of your favories and curating them into a Velvet Raptor photo album to present as a gift to your love on your wedding day - or of course, as a milestone marker for yourself.  A keepsake that will be treasured always, regardless of who it’s for.