barefoot bride.


We are always keen to collaborate, especially with fellow women who are movers and shakers. Enter Alexandra Mae; whose ubiquitous energy is felt by all who meet her, and is clearly echoed in her work. 

Late this past spring, we had the honor of heading out to a beautiful local apple farm, avenue orchard, to capture a concept that we had been dreaming up for some time.  There's fewer things we love than a brazen, barefoot bride -- galavanting through the open landscape, giving new life to our artisan pieces. 


centered around this carefully curated, organic moss arch that was thoughtfully accompanied by vintage accessories from sweet legacy rentals. The simple neutral florals by Avalon, and vow book by Velvet Raptor


A huge thank you to our small crew involved that was able to pull off the vision better than we initially had dreamt up. May this too inspire you to run wild, with your soles to the earth.

Photography : Alexandra Mae Photography
Furniture + Vase Rentals: Sweet Legacy
Jewelry : Token Jewelry 

Bodysuit + Skirt: linyage
Venue:  Avenue Orchard


Sarah HrudkaComment