for the love of white


While we don’t know much about the state of Missouri, all we need to know is that it is the home of one of our favorite creatives, photographer Lauren Muckler. We were lucky enough to collaborate with Lauren and a lovely team of vendors on a shoot this summer that frankly only amplified for all things aesthetically clean + white.


A touch a whimsy was added with breathtaking florals by Poppies Design Studio –– we are all for a simple canvas with cascading florals to steal the show.

With the inspiration to be a focus on simplicity, light and an ethereal vibe, this team brought the vision to life in lauren’s stunning studio, letting the crafts at hand speak for themselves.


Thank you again to the lovely team :

Photographer: Lauren muckler

florist: Poppies design studio

hmu: kelly hallway | Kamco beauty

dress: linyage

Sarah HrudkaComment