downtown eau claire | wedding affair

local vendors we love, a casual affair—inspiration for a low-key, intimate wedding. this is what is at the core of the downtown eau claire wedding affair.

THIS sunday, october 14th we will be kicking off the first annual of the celebration, bringing the public a bridal fair with a twist. we know that this has been a long time tradition, yet many couples are looking for things that scream untraditional, or local, or even better : personal.


One of the reasons we always will keep linyage on the soil that we were raised on is the abundance of talent, generosity, and collaborative spirits that live and work here.  We are consistently in awe of the amazing artists and business owners right here in our sweet yet thriving Eau Claire, and ones that are doing things against the grain; reinventing the wheel so to speak. This lineup at this Sunday’s wedding fair is no exception.


we know firsthand what an investment weddings are. but the paradigm is shifting and alas we are beginning to think of these investments beyond just the day— wedding separates that you can wear off the isle, jewelry to bring into your daily rotation, registering for gifts that will withstand time, photos that you will proudly decoupage your home with; the list goes on.

more and more couples are replacing the vestiges of the one day and making a conscious effort towards quality and longevity. afterall, you’re getting married for the commitment that presumably will be underscored with the same common thread, right? we’ve got vendors that fit the bill, right in the chippewa valley.

Sarah HrudkaComment