we bring you Scotty : linyageXland

This is where it started. Or so it likely seems. Let us back up a bit.

We both have long adored and coveted anything resembling or having to do with vintage trailers.  It's been a pipedream of ours to someday own one, either for personal use or for the business, if it made sense. And then Eaux Claires Festival happened, and the planted seed began to flourish.

Countless festival goers kept approaching us saying that they would 'love if we came to their state', and how they knew of a shop or gallery who would kill for a 'pop up shop' with our ready to wear pieces.  It got our wheels spinning, the spark was lit after having one foot in the water with this idea long before.  The affirmation from those we met was enough for us to bring the other foot forward, and we began to make some serious moves. After months of scouring, we at last came across Scotty on trusty 'ol Craigslist, named this for the type of trailer it is, made in 1980.  It was everything we had been looking for :  ample storage, small enough in size for the two of us to tote around, all major 'gutting' renovations completed, the list went on.  The bones of it were there to make it entirely, whole-heartedly on linyage brand.

We crossed our fingers and toes for it's availability, and before we could find another body part to wish upon, we were in the car on our way to Marshfield, WI--our anticipation was nothing short of a child going to pick out it's first puppy.


It was clear that the kind couple had put in plenty of work on it already, essentially flipping it to be a functional means of a home away from home. It would've been perfect to leave as is, as you can see, but wanted to put our own brand on it.  We both saw it's potential, were surprised by the amount of space to store our goods it had, and how we would both have a place to rest our heads when on the road. Our minds were made before we saw it in person, but after our visit, there was no question whatsoever.  This would in fact be our whip for quite possibly the greatest adventure of our life.  Nothing had made this much sense in a long while. A week later, on Sarah's 28th birthday, we pulled out of the driveway, with this little abode swaying in the breeze behind us.

After sketching, vision-board making, and coffee-fueled chats, we got to working on putting our touch on it.  Lindsay immediately hit the sewing machine by dying and deconstructing a blanket which she turned into pillows, and reupholstering the fabric on the cushions.  We loved the gray tone carried throughout, but knew it could use a touch of something, which is where copper always has a place to come in.  Painting the backsplash and handles, it quickly gave it a touch of linyage + luxury for very little cash.  Marble contact paper was a quick fix to begin covering things, though not entirely done, and plants and photos quickly lent a soft touch, making it feel like a home.

Our most thoughtout addition, and perhaps our favorite of all, was the decals, created by our talented friend + artist, Athena Pelton. We knew immediately that we wanted it to feel like our logo, with a touch of something whimsical, and no one is better suited for the job than Ms. Pelton and her emblematic script.  We chose on the hashtag for the back so that when we are traveling, people are easily given the description of why two crazy blondes are lugging it along from highway to highway.

So there you have it, folks. A peek into our work in progress and the beginning of what is sure to be 2016's most rewarding journey.  We are so ecstatic to be able to take this on the road come spring, with our first stop being at the SXSW festival and art fairs.  More on that to come, but in the mean time, let us know if you have a spot that would love to shop linyage and where we should park Scotty in the upcoming year.  

Afterall, it's people like you who inspired this in the first place. 

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