2015 : the year that made us cheer and also reach for a beer.

Wowza, was this ever a year to remember. But isn't that what we all say every year about the latest trip around the sun? Surely there have been other years that have been just as big or remarkable, but perhaps what makes this one so noteworthy was the very girth of the leaps we seemed to have taken. 

This year we officially launched this very website, and yet it began like any other -- working away, setting goals, and manifesting bigger and loftier ones, too.  And then, like the universe does in it's stealthy ways, we were presented with an opportunity to move into a studio.  However, this wasn't just any studio, but the very building we had nodded to some time before that. One of the oldest standing ones in the entire town, and the very perfect fit to house a business that's core is based off of the juxtaposition of roots and growth.  Within 72 hours, we were signing our name on a lease with one of our dearest friends who would share the suite with us.

With one eye open and a flock of unwavering supporters, we leapt from a springboard of equal parts naevity and optimism, knowing that this was a sign. In order to keep growing as a company our square footage need follow suit. It was time, and if history was any indication, the scariest decisions often times turn out to be the best. 

Things began clicking along and we never once looked back.  We began offering workshops to the community which proved to be well received and a way for like minded individuals to meet who may not have a platform to otherwise.  At each workshop, we teach a new skill and as we grow will continue to collaborate with others to help us teach these, as well.

As spring made it's appearance, so too did our business in a few local publications.  We were lucky enough to have Volume One share an article about us, not only announcing who were were but also giving press to our launch party, held directly below our studio at The Stone's Throw.  Over 100 of our family and friends gathered as local female performers entertained the crowed while donning linyage creations, and an incredible time was had by all.

While this time period feels like an absolute blur of events, we cannot forget the incredible times we had doing styled shoots with our wickedly talented friends. It was these very moments that helped recharge our batteries and our overall vision as a brand.

And speaking of talented friends, we also created quite possibly one of our favorite memories to date when we collaborated with our gal Ashley of a.b. ellie on an editorial shoot.  An accessories line for brides, we knew that our aesthetics not only lined up but were a match made in photo heaven.

Amidst the chaos of summer, albeit fun, we were told that we were chosen as one of the 6 vendors to be displayed at the inaugural Eaux Claires Festival.  Having been our dream since the moment we heard buzz about the event, you can imagine our feelings of joy, shock, and sheer gratitude for the opportunity.  In every way, shape and form, the festival did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of the highlights of both our business and our lives alike. If you ask anyone who attended, we're sure that they will say the same.  

This was our first introduction as linyage outside of bridal confines and it was this very weekend that gave us the courage to continue stretching our brand further. We met individuals from all of the world and the feedback in turn also stretched our spirits.

As all of this was happening, we continued to work away on the custom creations for our brides; the ones who are the core of what linyage is and stands for when the day is done.  Included in every package is a photo shoot at the final fitting in which the bride gets to chose where and with whom she would like her photos. It is an opportunity to wear the dress one more time, as well as perhaps get shots that may not be possible on the special day.  We had such beautiful, brave, and creative brides this year and in such a vast array of styles and personalities. These shoots are just as special to us as the creative process itself because it allows their true essence to shine.

A huge thank you to Flannery Murphy, one of our very best who also happens to be a talented make-up artist.  She kindly partnered with us on numerous bridal and styled shoots to help every individual feel their best. 

After the energy of the Eaux Claires festival continued to radiate, we began steadily receiving more requests for our signature lace toppers-- either to be sold online or brought to a new state.  We had been dreaming up a mobile shop for a while but new that it was all in timing if it was meant to be.  Just like the studio seemed to have been presented to us at just the right moment, so too was 'Scotty'-- our vintage trailer we discovered via Craigslist and the one we both instantly coveted. With only cosmetic finishes needed to match our aesthetic, the whip was in mint condition and calling our names. In September, we took this bad boy home with us and promptly began our #linyageXland renovate, which is continually a work in progress.

The theme of 2015 seemed to be "go big or go home", as there weren't many pockets to catch our breath.  Just two weeks after our purchase, we got word that we were able to move our studio space; something we had been pondering for a bit as we were quickly outgrowing our quaint spot. While only one door over, it was importantly to us to remain in the building we have grown to adore so much.  Our new HQ boasts twice as many windows and therefore natural light (including the turret the building is known for) as well as two separate rooms and. . . wait for it. . .a closet!  Likely a larger victory for the other building patrons, as to not trip over scraps of lace in the hallway anymore.  It was another huge leap of faith but again, an opportunity we weren't necessarily seeking out but instead one that found us. (Got it, universe. Loud and clear.)

During this same week of moving shelves and carrying piles of fabric, we were getting ready for our creative director Sarah's wedding, in which linyage was responsible for 9 dresses.  Bias of course, but it was truly a weekend that forever changed us in all of the obvious and not-so-predictable ways. 

As fall often encourages us to do, we were slowly but surely able to begin pausing a bit,  refining and focusing on our brand at large again, as well as focusing on some irons we've had in the fire for a while.  

Our blog introduced a new series, 'linyage lady', in which we interview creative women who inspire us form all mediums.  

We've begun mapping out and creating our #linyageXland tour, starting with Austin, TX this spring in conjunction with the SXSW festival.

And most recently, we launched our online shop!  Currently releasing only a handful of our favorites, we will be making these one-of-a-kind pieces available for purchase.  However, because of the nature of their uniqueness, they will never be replicated and only one is available for every kind.  We cannot wait to see where this grows.

If you've made it to this point, both in the long-winded blog post and in our journey as a whole, we applaud you.  While this year was chock full of extreme moments, it did not come without it's fair share of struggles and face-plant life lessons.  We feel forever grateful for choosing one another to do this whole thing with, because we keep respect at the core of our friendship and business's foundation.  We feel forever indebted to the people we have met along the way, who have connected us and/or encouraged us when we had nothing left to muster. 

All in all, we're just feelin' all the feels possible after what feels like the year that stretched us the furthest in every single way. The one that in fact made us cheer and ALSO reach for a beer. Our excitement and enthusiasm for 2016 is beyond measure, and we cannot wait to see some projects we've been fostering come to fruition. As always, we're just thankful for the ability to take those leaps knowing the community behind us that helps soften every landing. 

We'll vow to stretch the hammies before we make 2016 catch us this time. Promise.