blood, sweat, and lace : linyage is live, folks !

                                         (left to right) Sarah Hrudka + Lindsay Ulness

The unwavering connection between roots and growth; that's how this whole thing works, anyway.  We're in a constant limbo of present and nostalgic, anxious and inspired, in and out. Perhaps this teeter-totter is the very motion that keeps us spinning on the axis of it all.  So to deal in the meantime, we create.

linyage was born out of the notion of needing to do just that, but doing so with a greater intention.  Having gone away to spread our wings, grow, and learn, we found ourselves back at our old stomping grounds-- where the yearning to collaborate and keep the creative well full is as rich as the soil beneath the river that runs through it. 

A design house built on customized, one-of-a-kind pieces for brides and beyond, we know that every monumental occasion deserves something to follow suit and one that is as unique as you.  And it doesn't begin or end at the stitches and tucks; in fact that is only a mere part in it all.  We get out of bed in the morning for the experiences; for the moments that leave even a long-winded gal speechless or the writer at a loss for the right adjective.  For you this may be hanging out in our studio with your maid of honor drinking your favorite french press, or perhaps your final fitting as you drink a mimosa with your grandmother whose wedding dress is woven into yours. 

We welcome, encourage and relish in all that makes you happy, because it in fact makes us just as elated, as well.

And that is our vow.



Lindsay Ulness + founder, designer

Sarah Hrudka + creative director

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