pizza + dry shampoo.

Not what the average gal would call upon for headshot must-haves, but we are not average gals, it appears.  Last week we had the pleasure (and vulnerable experience) of hopping in front of the camera to gather some head shots for the site, so people don't just think we're faceless mops of blonde hair that shout out their affinity for heirlooms + weddings from time to time. And we prepared for this very venture by way of pizza from Ikea two hours before when shopping for the studio, and of course, dry shampoo. (Don't even get us started on this magical dust)


There was no doubt in our mind that the best person to hit the shutter for us would be our dear friend + major girl crush, Colleen Eversman of 2nd Truth Photography.  The only thing that rivals her wicked talent and insane skills is her grounded, humble, and loyal personality.  The ability to make her subjects feel like the most important thing on God's green earth is one of the twelve thousand reasons why we adore her and feel insanely blessed to have had her document our giggling selves.

Artists supporting artists, folks. That truly is the only way we will keep our industry alive, well, and thriving.  We must continue to foster relationships, support one another, and trust that there is enough of us to go around.  Art is so subjective; people will always love or disagree with what you create and do.  That's the beauty of it all, there's room for you. So long as we continue to collaborate or build community, we will always have allies to hold us accountable in our creative endeavors.  Colleen teaches us that every single day in the way she is showing up for those that inspire her, and strangers alike.   Insert that one Helen Reddy jam here, and you'll know just how we're feeling about our fellow female entrepreneurs. 

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