an ode to HER.

today marks the day, it's her twenty-seventh trip around the sun,

her overall pocket filled with genuity, she makes every room significantly more fun.

she's got a contagious laugh, accompanied by mermaid hair that kisses her waist,

and everything she touches and creates has been graced with impeccable taste.

the founder, the beating heart, the brains behind what we ever came to be,

is because of one girl with more talent than the norm, and that is our humble Linny.

her love of dinosaurs, pizza, and velvet are simply a few things that make her so real,

but above all it's her quiet compassion that rattles a room and gives everyone permission to feel.

her imagination as large as her spirit, where there's a willow branch she sees a crown,

every man's past is her potential treasure, your grandmother's doily, she sees a gown.

we could all be so lucky to posses an ounce of her energy, her charm, and her sharp wit,

but today we celebrate a human that is unparalleled, who can start the fire that's been unlit.


happy happy day, sweet Lu.



everyone you've ever known



Sarah Hrudka1 Comment