linyage lady : cassidy carson

We've all heard the term "southern charm" before, but this woman embodies the concept to the nth degree.  With a seriously fierce talent and exponentially growing success, Cassidy Carson Lynch perfectly demonstrates how need not tear down (others) will building up (a business).  In a competitive industry where often times it feels like originality is lacking, Cassidy manages to freeze moments in a way that is utterly timeless; both her natural eye and the medium of film.

Our Creative Director Sarah first met Cassidy when visiting Nashville last year, staying at her home via aibnb. With only one foot in the doorway, it was more than evident by the home's aesthetic that this woman is the ultimate girl crush. She possess a clean eye for simplicity and appreciates the inherent charm in vintage. This directly translates into how she orchestrates her skillets as a photographer by way of finding so much jaw-dropping beauty in an otherwise mundane moment.  All it took was one cup of coffee over conversation to realize that she is in fact as lovely as she is talented.

Below, Cassidy reminds us why she is indeed a linyage lady with her answers, though her imagery speaks volumes for itself. 

Q. First things first: Tell us who you are as an artist/creative, in 5 words or less. 

A. Approachable, Intentional, Dreamer, Idealist, ESFP.


Q. While you may be young in years, your imagery evokes a timeless spirit, one that may even suggest you arean old soul for your love of love. Tell us about perhaps any person or facet of your lineage that resonatewith you most when reflecting upon it.

A. You guys ask the toughest questions, haha! Well, to be honest I haven’t had many positive relationships to look up to in my life. However, the one relationship I’ve focused on has been my mother’s parents. Nan and Pop. They got married really young (because she got pregnant), but they’ve always been so generous with everything they have. Mostly their love. They love everyone well and fiercely. They have been such a blessing to me and my own marriage. 



Q. How have you noticed your own 'linyage' influence you as an artist? Where does that show up in your work?

A. I was raised by a lot of women. The women in my family are super close, so for me, I think my ‘lineage’ shows up most when I’m photographing women. I love for them to feel beautiful, lovely, elegant. I guess it’s kind of my way of paying homage to the women who have had such an effect on my life.


Q. A southern gal, you and your family have planted roots in Nashville, TN. (And we don't blame you!) Tell us why and how your geographical location influences your business and/or creative process.

A. Nashville is filled with creatives and it can be a really tough market. However, I try not to dwell on the question, “am I good enough.” That can really stifle your creativity. I have made it a point to not pay too much attention to what others are doing, because I have a tendency to compare myself. I’m friends with several other photographers in town and love abiding by the “community over competition” motto. It’s the healthiest thing I can do for my creative spirit, because if I let everyones wins compare to my losses I’d get bogged down and give up wedding photography. 


Q. New or old, where or whom do you draw your inspiration?

A. Movement is inspiring to me. It makes me feel free and out of control. Light is also a big one. Give me some stunning backlight and Ill shoot for daysor at least as long as the light it available haha. Also, Jose Villa because, duh. 


Q. Favorite time of day to create?

A. My favorite time to create images is during the hour before sunset because the light is like butter. My favorite time of day to answer emails, edit, and hustle is probably between noon and three o’clock and then between 10pm and 1am. 


Q. Best nugget of advice you've been given that stands true for you today.

A. Again with the tough questions! Hmmm, I’d say that the best advice I’ve been given has been to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I really do feel a lot better when I fulfill that goal. 


With a kind demeanor as generous as her talents, and that sweet southern charm we all wish was in our bones, we're seriously considering taking up permanent residency in that home of hers, if she'll have us.

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