the woman who needs no introduction.

Now this is one for the books-- working with not only one but two of our greatest mentors and innovative icons. I think this is what they call a 'dream come true'.


Elizabeth Messina, the amazing woman with the aforementioned headline, is a notable photographer extraordinaire and likely already on your radar to covet/admire/Pin.  Adrienne Page, who you have already heard of our affinity for, was as enchanting a bride as an artist and soul. 

Over a year ago  at linyage, we had the honor and the privilege of creating a one of a kind boudoir piece for the bride, for a charmingly curated pre wedding bridal shoot at the quaintest Midwest B&B with Elizabeth.  (And yes, shot in her signature, jaw-dropping fine art of film).  As one would note, bridal is our core and boudoir is a venture we have only just begun on in the last year or so. However, mentors do as mentors should and push boundaries and limits--who are we to not rise to the occasion?  These women have taught us to always reach higher, beyond what we know our potential to be.


 The collaboration was one we will always remember-- early in our growth of the company, giving us inspiration, motivation and courage to be vulnerable outside of our comfort zone.  We came to the realization that our aesthetic transitions flawlessly into this new niche and needless to say boudoir is now on the list, as well as transitional bodysuits that you can take down the aisle with one of our 3 signature skirt styles (more to come on that). 

In the mean time, feel free to meet us in dreamland-- the very place that the unmatched Elizabeth Messina will take you with her eye.

Sarah HrudkaComment