vintage elements | style that endures


Vintage lace and antique buttons hold a special place in our hearts and are the foundations on which all of our linyage pieces are created.  These unique finds make all of our tops and bodysuits truly limited or one of a kind.  We happen to think that this is pretty special. 

Our unconventional route has set backs at times but at the core it serves our brides with an unmatched experience and offers something unique to add to their already special story. 


The softness of the textile, the warm tones, the care in which the motifs were made, vintage lace brings it’s own narrative and history to the table as it weaves into yours.  Antique ‘bits and bobs’ seem to have a way of finding us and integrating themselves into our story; quietly and reassuringly pushing us forward.  Our tops and bodysuits are stitched slowly and carefully with two hands and that which is not, is sewn on a family heirloom 1950 Elna Sewing Machine left to me by my grandfather lending itself perfectly to our intentions.


With these thoughtful details, and intimate production, we aim to create an unmatched experience and style that endures

Lindsay UlnessComment