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I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but destination brides are kind of our jam.  Not only do we love drooling over the photos of our dearly beloved on beaches, mountain tops, and other various picturesque places but our pieces are designed to travel.


Out romantic exterior might have you fooled, but first and foremost our separates were created to be effortless - linyage brings you the best of both worlds.  Beauty and Ease.


For our adventure brides, linyage tops and bodysuits fold up to practically nothing and our hand dyed textured skirts were made to be crinkled, making them perfect for travel no steam required!  Roll those babies up, pack them away in your suitcase and they come out looking as good as when they went in. 



Our tops and bodysuits are easy and comfortable to wear.  The illusion netting has just the right amount of stretch to hold you close yet move with you.  The vintage lace is thoughtfully chosen to be soft to the touch and is strategically placed to trail organically over your curves.


We’ve got our wanderlust brides top of mind and we’d love to be a part of your next big adventure wherever that may be!


beach photo credit : Cami Wade

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