origine workshop | a floral affair


Where oh where do we begin with The Origine Workshop?  It's hard to put words to it's beauty but we will let the photos do most of the talking.

To give you a little background, this wonderful workshop took place last month in Belgium at Chateau Cortils, a historical estate nestled amongst 76 acres of green, rolling hills where a group of women gathered to learn, create and no doubt, leave injected with pure inspiration. 


From afar we have deeply admired the photography of Corbin Gurkin .  When we expressed our adoration we began chatting –– when she  presented the idea of sending some of our pieces for her to photograph at this incredible setting, enveloped in such talent, we hopped on the chance as fast as we could. (Though regretfully, didn't hop on a plane to tag along, as well.)


Thoughtfully curated and instructed, the masterminds behind it all are Madison Hartley of Hart Floral and Emily Aversion of Fleuropean. (AKA our two new floral crushes) Amongst the picturesque landscape was a farm chock full of lush gardens that he attendees had full reign to forage on and in turn, create their breathtaking work.  Though we couldn't attend, the photos so clearly convey what it must have felt like; isn't this what dreams look like?


Again, there is not much that can be said about the Origine Workshop that the photos cannot demonstrate ten thousand times better. But what we can say is how grateful and honored we are to have had a slice of linyage alongside such gifted, creative energy. 

Here's hoping next time we can report from a velvet settee, coffee in hand, as we prepare for a day of floral foraging on the sprawling landscape  ourselves. 

Sarah HrudkaComment